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Las Vegas, NV

Rebecca Markin - Newsome


Professional Experience:


Rebecca is a physician assistant who has been practicing for medicine for 2 years.



  • Chicco State University, B. S. Science
  • Touro University, Las Vegas, NV 2014



  • J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates, Henderson, Las Vegas, NV 2016 - Present


About Me:

Rebecca, (Rebbie) was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. A West African British Colony. Her father was an engineer who was a graduate at Birmingham University in London, and her mother a successful entrepreneur, from a very young age her parents instilled in her the value of education and hard work.   She furthered her education in on of the most prestigious Methodist boarding schools in West Africa (Wesley Girls Boarding School). Her love for medicine was inculcated early with her own close encounters with childhood ailments and her uncle who is a Heart surgeon in Bosnia.


When not at work Rebecca finds time for her passions which mostly includes her family, photography, knitting, tennis and her new quest getting her aviation license. Her zest for learning combined with her open and sharp mind make her a great asset to the practice.

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